Bangle Box Monthly Subscription Box Return Policy

Bangle Box does not currently allow returns or refunds on it’s monthly subscription box items, unless damaged, in which case replacement jewelry pieces can be shipped to the customer or a credit can be given, if picture of damaged piece can be provided. If a discretionary refund is issued for a prepaid subscription, from the refund amount we will deduct the full price of any promotional/free items that may have been received and also shipping each month for a maximum of $3.99 per month for shipping, and also each month that was received at full price of $29.95. The price of Promotional (past boxes) will be the price listed on our website usually ranging from $39.95-$45.95 per past box.
All return claims for damaged items must be made within 48 hours of receiving your bangle box.

Subscription Cancellation

If a prepaid subscription is cancelled for ANY reason at all be it the fault of Bangle Box or just personal preference of the subscriber; The subscriber will receive a refund minus the full rate of $29.95 per box per month received and also The full price of any promotional items that were sent as a sign up bonus with the subscription. Promotional items range from $39.95 to $45.95 for past boxes. Shipping charges of $3.99 per month may also be added prior to issuing the refund.

Promotional Items

Items that are sent with the initial shipment, items which we call promotional or free items will be charged to the subscriber if the subscription is cancelled prior to its end date for any reason. The promotional items are not to be kept without charge and cannot be returned to us after 30 days of being delivered.

Non-Subscription Items

Items purchased from our online store or as a gift are not eligible for return, unless damaged.
Non-returnable items:
Gift cards, individual jewelry pieces